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With a decade of expertise in precision casting, we have honed our skills to deliver unparalleled quality and service.

We’ve assisted thousands of global customers by providing precision casting parts and mold design, giving them a competitive advantage.

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Our foundry consistently produces 6,000 tons of high-quality castings annually, fulfilling our clients’ growing and diverse demands.


We have 30+ advanced three-axis and four-axis machining centers to efficiently cater to the diverse and specific needs of our valued customers.


Our foundry uniquely produces over 3,000 sets of molds and tooling annually, tailored to meet our clients’ specific demands.


Our modern foundry boasts over 90 CNC lathes and machining centers, ensuring unparalleled precision work and dedicated efficient customer service.

Our PREMIUM Service

Investment Casting

Investment Casting

SSFoundry excels in Investment Casting, Delivering unparalleled precision and quality in every piece.

CNC Machining

CNC Machining

SSFoundry excels in CNC Machining, Ensuring precision, speed, and top-tier quality tailored to your needs.

Finishing Manufacture

Finishing Manufacture

SSFoundry masters Finishing Manufacture, Ensuring impeccable detail and superior finish in every project.

Injection Molding

Injection Molding

SSFoundry specializes in Injection Molding, Delivering precision, efficiency, and top-tier quality consistently.

Mold Design And Manufacture

Mold Design & Mfg

SSFoundry leads in Mold Design and Manufacture, Blending innovation with precision for optimal results.

Rapid Prototyping Services

Rapid Prototyping

SSFoundry excels in Rapid Prototyping Services, Turning concepts into tangible realities swiftly and accurately.

Holistic Solution

Holistic Solution

SSFoundry offers a Holistic Solution, Integrating comprehensive expertise for seamless project execution.

High-Quality Products

High-Quality Products

SSFoundry is synonymous with High-Quality Products, Setting industry standards in craftsmanship and reliability.

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about ssfoundry

In line with our production process, our company boasts a comprehensive organizational structure that includes a product development division, mold and tooling division, casting division, machining division, and a storage and logistics division. Beyond these design and production units, we maintain an independent quality control division. This division ensures rigorous oversight of each department’s manufacturing and production processes, ensuring the highest standards are met.

Our capabilities span the entire product lifecycle: from recognizing customer needs and technical innovation to mold design, product modeling, precision casting, and machining. The product development division is staffed by over 30 seasoned designers with cutting-edge design knowledge. Their expertise has fostered long-standing and sincere collaborations with international clients, addressing myriad challenges in the product development phase.

Within our Mold Division, we have over 30 advanced machining centers, including EDM and wire-cutting tools. With an annual output of 2,000+ mold sets, we effectively meet the demands of our Casting and Machining Divisions.

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Our Solutions

Construction Hardware
At SSFoundry, we specialize in offering top-notch Construction Hardware services, ensuring durability and precision in every project.
Automotive And Auto Parts
SSFoundry delivers Automotive and Auto Parts solutions, ensuring precision engineering and exceptional performance.
Marine Industry Castings
SSFoundry specializes in Marine Industry Castings, offering superior solutions with precision engineering and corrosion-resistant materials.
SSFoundry provides Aerospace solutions, leveraging advanced technology for precision components and reliable performance.
SSFoundry excels in Agriculture solutions, providing innovative and durable castings for enhanced productivity and performance.
Pump Casting & Valve Casting
SSFoundry excels in Pump and Valve Casting solutions, providing unmatched expertise in precision manufacturing and reliable performance.
Medical Devices
SSFoundry delivers Medical Devices solutions, leveraging precision manufacturing and stringent quality control for superior healthcare innovation.

Customer Reviews &Testimonials

We are absolutely thrilled with the exceptional service and quality provided by SSFoundry! As a client from the United States, ordering over a million stainless steel Glass Clamps, we couldn't be more satisfied. The attention to detail, prompt communication, and top-notch product quality truly exceeded our expectations. SSFoundry's commitment to delivering excellence showcases their professionalism and dedication. The Glass Clamps received are of the highest standard and perfectly meet our requirements. We wholeheartedly recommend SSFoundry to anyone seeking premium stainless steel products. Kudos to the team for a job well done!
Christopher Davis
We are extremely satisfied with the services provided by SSFoundry. From our base in Canada, we ordered over 300,000 stainless steel impellers, and the quality and attention to detail exceeded our expectations. The team's professionalism and commitment to delivering top-notch products on time is truly commendable. SSFoundry's expertise in crafting precision impellers showcases their dedication to meeting customer requirements. We look forward to continuing our collaboration for future projects and highly recommend SSFoundry to anyone seeking exceptional stainless steel products.
Michael Williams
Delighted with our experience with SSFoundry! Ordered over 100,000 top-quality Stainless Steel Hinges and couldn't be happier. Flawless craftsmanship, impeccable service. A perfect partnership for our projects. Merci beaucoup!
Alexandre Rousseau
Delighted to have partnered with SSFoundry! Their order of over 100,000 top-quality Stainless Steel Deck Pipes is a testament to their commitment to excellence. We look forward to exceeding their expectations.
Lisa van den Heuvel

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